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Ski's Journal

30 June 1967
I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK - the very far North of Scotland. If I paddle out on my board from our beach and head East a bit, I will hit the Orkneys after 9 miles. If I head West a bit and keep going for several days and tides prevailing, I will end up in Iceland. I live in a idealic croft with my partner and ancient moggie. We have a seperate annex for guests downstairs and the second floor is currently a bead extravaganza.

The croft comes with 6 acres of land and rolls down to our isolated beach. The neighbours (all 7 of them) have access and so does the odd hardy surfer. We intend to use half the land for horses/sheep and to crop the rest with veggies and herbs. Currently we are waiting till next year before building our agricultural outbuildings and stables. Also a seperate hobbie room to be set up a static Scalextric set which I have been patiently collecting for the last 2 yrs - £'s spent - lots !!!

This is my journal and even though there are many like it, this one is mine. My thoughts, my ravings and my ideas which will sometimes contain strong language. Feel free to friend me and once I have seen your bio or lj, may friend you too but dont be put out if I dont but I will let you know why.